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Links of websites providing the list of universities (accredited/blacklisted) with relevant details:-

Higher learning institutions that are officially recognised in the Scotland, as part of UK, are called either ‘recognised’ or ‘listed’ bodies. One can get a degree by studying at either type of institution.Recognised bodies are higher learning institutions that can award degrees.Listed bodies can’t award degrees themselves. If someone studies a degree course at a listed body, his/her degree will be awarded by a recognised body.Details at the link:-https://www.gov.uk/check-a-university-is-officially-recognised/recognised-bodies


Indian community/Student association’s links/contact details:-

1.The Indian Council of Scotland
Contact name: Mr Neil LaL, Chairman and President. 
Email: contact@theindiancouncilofscotland.org
Phone: 07761516489

2.Scottish Conservatives Friends of India
Contact Name: Mr Neil LaL,
Chairman and President. 
Email: scottishconservativesfriendsofindia@hotmail.com
Phone: 07761516489 

3.Scotland Friends of India 
Contact Name: Mr Neil LaL,
Chairman and President.
Email: scotlandfriendsofindia@hotmail.com
Phone: 07761516489

4.Indian Students Union of Scotland (ISUS)
Contact name: Rajdeep Sarkar
Phone: 07880578409

5. Mr.Amit Tiwari, President,
Indian National Student Association (INSA) - UK,
W : http://insauk.org/
E: info@insauk.org or amit.tiwari@insauk.org

6. Miss Sanam Arora, President,
National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK,
W: www.nisu.org.uk
E:chairperson@nisu.org.uk; president@nisu.org.uk; president.nisu@gmail.com
T: +44 (0) 7568194851

7. Mr Abhijit Chakraborty,
Scottish Indian Arts Forum
E-mail: siafscotland@gmail.com, rajnishsingh71@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: 07553 090095,

8. Dr. Mridula Chakraborty, Secretary,
Association of Indian Organizations, Glasgow
Mobile: 07881424042 mchakraborty@tuvnel.com
Email: mridulachakraborty@hotmail.com

9. Mrs Shobha Nagpal, President,
Scottish Indian Mahila Cultural Centre,
Mob: 07967 950 661
E-mail: nagpalshobha@hotmail.co.uk, shobhanagpal@hotmail.com

10. Mr. Karthik Subramanya, President,
Indian Arts and Culture Scotland,
Mobile: 07770581997, Email: karthik.subramanya@gmail.com

11. Mr. Sunny Daniel,
Scotland Malayalee Association,
Land phone # 06414398 and 01698882745,Mob 07766883509,07951585396.
E-mail smaglasgow@yahoo.co.uk, sunnypta@yahoo.com

12. Organisation:- Telugu Association of Scotland
Contacts:Mr. Satya Shyam Jayanthy - Chairman
Mr. Ranjit Nagubandi - President
Web address :- www.teluguscot.org.uk
E-mail address :- webmaster@teluguscot.org.uk

13.Mr Ranjit Sinha
SABASH - Bengali Association Edinburgh
E-mail: sabashscotland@gmail.com,ransinha@yahoo.com
Mob: 07730092283

14. Mr Pravat Mallick
 Odisha Society of Scotland OSS
E-mail: pravat.mallick@gmail.com
Mob: 7885825474

15. Mr Sujeet Singh
Rajasthan Association of Scotland
E-mail: sujeetp@gmail.com
Mob: Mr Sujeet Singh-07583238451 , Mr Sharad Bhansali - 07738522182

16. Dr Kiran Sachane
Marathi Mitra Mandal MMM
E-mail: drkiranbhagwat@yahoo.com
Mob: 07854004396

17.Mrs. Sowbhagya Munishankar
Scottish Karnataka Sangh SKS
E-mail: smunishankar@yahoo.co.uk
Mob: 07921241705

18. Mr Amrit Pal Kaushal
Scottish Indian Cultural & Festival Committee, Glasgow
E-mail: apkaushal@hotmail.com
Mob: 07572428286

19. Dr Nawal Bagaria (President)
EHMCC - Edinburgh Hindu Mandir and Cultural Centre
Web: info@edinburghhindumandir.org.uk
T :0131 677 0905

20.Dr. T. Reddy
Highland Indian Association – Inverness
E-mail: trreddy8@hotmail.com
Tel:01463-233 631

21. Mr Keyur Modi ( Chair person)
IANES ( Indian Association of North east Scotland)
E-mail: keyurmodi@gmail.com

22. Mr Dilip Mishra
Ayrshire Bhartiya Association
E-mail: ayeshirebharatassociation@gmail.com
Mob: 07769234275

23. Mr. Jimmy Joseph
Kala Keralam Association, Glasgow
E-mail: jimmyjoseph84@gmail.com
Mob: 07400 661166

24. Ms. Mahuya Banerjee
Aberdeen International Centre ( AIC )
E-mail: banerjee_mo@yahoo.com
T: 01224 210027

25.Mr Allan
Aberdeen Hindu Association
E-mail: allagappann@gmail.com
Mob: 07957127880

26. A S Benjamin Telagalapudi
LIVINDIANS – Ethnic monority cultural group
E-mail :benjibskyb@gmail.com, livindians@gmail.com
Mob: 07917131684

27. Mr Jaswant S Raud- President
Edinburgh Gurudwara
Web: info@edinburgh-gurdwara.co.uk
E-mail: johnsbhai21@hotmail.com , Jaswant@rauds.co.uk
Mob: 07909 835 737

28. S. Labhaya Singh (President )
 Gurdwara Guru, Granth Sahib Sikh Sabha , Glasgow
Tel: 0141 423 8288

29.Mr Surjit Singh Chowdhary (President)
Glasgow Central Gurudwara , Glasgow
E-mail: surjitchowdhary@gmail.com
Mob: 07968806062

30. SISA -StrathclydeIndian Student Association ( Glasgow )
E-mail: sisa.strath@gmail.com

Name and contact detail of the officer in the Embassy/Consulate handling student related matters

Bibekananda Bhattamishra
Consulate General of India,
17 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BB
Tel: 00-44-131-229 2144