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Procedure for reverification of mobile connections for NRIs, etc 

            A large number of overseas Indians have been making representation about facing difficulty in operating their mobile connections procured in India as the telecom operators are insisting on linking Aadhaar number with the mobile number.  As most of them do not possess Aadhaar Card, they are unable to link their Indian mobile number with the Aadhaar number.   The matter was taken up with the Department of Telecom (DoT) for exempting overseas Indians from linking Aadhaar with their Indian mobile connections and issuing suitable advisory to telecom service providers.

            DoT has now issued a letter dated 01.12.2017 to all mobile phone service licensees to use alternative method to re-verify existing customers belonging to certain categories including foreigners (covering PIOs and OCI cardholders) and NRIs.  Procedure and format for this purpose has been prescribed.  A copy of DoT letter No.800-26/2016-AS.II dated 01.12.2017 is attached.


It has been decided to outsource OCI Service to VF Services (UK) Ltd, with effect from 02 March, 2015.

From 02 March 2015, application forms for OCI services will be accepted at the VFS centres for OCI services, depending on the jurisdiction of the applicant.

For detailed information please visit VFS Website: https://www.vfsglobal.com/india/uk/

E-mail : info.inuk@vfshelpline.co.uk

The Consulate has not appointed or authorized any other agency or individual agent to render any OCI service on behalf of the Consulate and it shall not be responsible for any transaction made with unauthorized agencies / agents.

Please Note :

The OCI card of all the acknowledged OCI applications deposited at the Consulate General of India, Edinburgh till 27.02.2015 will be delivered at the Consulate or BY POST.

Before sending the documents, applicant should check the status of his/her application. When status shows OCI received in Edinburgh on a particular date, the applicant should submit the following documents at the Consulate General of India, Edinburgh on any working day between 0930 and 1230 hrs., OR sent by post to OCI Section, Consulate General of India, 17 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BB:

1. Printout of on-line status report.

2. British/Foreign Passport in original.

3. PIO Card holders should send the Original PIO Card for Cancellation.

4. OCI Misc. Services: For transfer of OCI visa from old to the new passport): Please send old passport and OCI Visa Card for cancellation and New British/Foreign Passport for affixing new OCI Visa on that.

5. BY POST : For collecting OCI Certificate by Post, the applicant must send documents at (1), (2), (3) &, (4) above, along with Royal Mail Special Delivery Self Addressed pre-paid Envelope upto 500g. When sending please address it to OCI Section by Special Delivery Post. The Consulate will not be responsible for loss of documents sent by Post.

Note: OCI cards/visa will be generally delivered to you the next working day between 1630 and 1700 hrs. In case someone else is collecting the passport on your behalf, a proper authority letter from you is required. If the applicants are unable to collect OCI documents in person, they can receive them by post. In case of Postal collection, it will take about 3-5 working days to return the passport after affixing OCI Visa along with OCI Card. Couriers/Agents are not allowed to submit/collect documents at the Consulate General of India, Edinburgh.