About Us Functional Contacts

Contact Information

1. For email to Consul General: cg.edinburgh@mea.gov.in

 2. For email to Head of Chancery: hoc.edinburgh@mea.gov.in

 3. For Passport, PIO, Emergency Certificate, death and other consular related enquiries: cons.edinburgh@mea.gov.in

 4. For Police Clearance Certificate enquiries: cons.edinburgh@mea.gov.in

 5. For OCI related enquiries: oci.edinburgh@mea.gov.in

6. For Birth Registration, Attestation/Power of Attorney/Affidavits & Visa related inquiries: visa.edinburgh@mea.gov.in

7. For Culture & Education matters: cons.edinburgh@mea.gov.in 

8. For commercial enquiries: hoc.edinburgh@mea.gov.incons.edinburgh@mea.gov.in


It is also essential that the mail sender must identify himself/herself with personal particulars such as nationality, passport number, PIO/OCI number, address and contact details and Consulate receipt/reference number with date, if any. This Consulate serves residents of Scotland only.

Consulate does not maintain files and records on issues raised and discussed through mails/phones unless a fee and an application for a notified service has been accepted. Therefore, please give full background of your query and attach previous mails and our responses, if any, for a purposeful response.

All important information pertaining to services of the Consulate is available on this website. The e-mail service indicated can be used only to seek such information which is not available on this website. E-mails seeking routine information already available on this website cannot be responded.

For all publicity matters, please contact: Bibekananda Bhattamishra, Consul

Telephone: 0131-2292144  / Email: hoc.edinburgh@mea.gov.in