About Us Important Notice

Timing for submission of application for consular services is between 0930hrs and 1230 hrs on all working days

For detailed guidelines/ procedure for direct attestation of documents and other miscellaneous consular services rendered at Consulate General of India, Edinburgh, please visit the relevant hyperlink (s) below:

1. Birth Registration of Children eligible for Indian nationality

2. Attestation of Power of Attorney (PoA)/Affidavit (s) relating to Civil Matters

3. Attestation of Power of Attorney (PoA)/Affidavit (s) relating to propertly / Financial matters

4. Sworn Affidavit for issuance of passport to a minor child residing in India

5. Life Certificate for Pension Purpose or for any Other Purpose

6. Execution of Will/ Gift Deed

7. Certificate for Transporting Dead Body to India

In case the documents are required to be returned by post, a self-addressed special delivery envelope may also be sent.